Wy Mobile Ishikawa Atsushi’s “Smartphone Industry Newspaper” Vol.107 Part 1 (Atsushi Ishikawa) -Apers

Wy Mobile Ishikawa Atsushi’s “Smartphone Industry Newspaper” Vol.107 Part 1 (Atsushi Ishikawa) -Apers

Y -Mobile Ishikawa Atsushi’s “Smartphone Industry Newspaper” Vol.107 The first part of Ishikawa Atsushi “I want to increase the number of Android fans.

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This is a guide about how to calculate and simulate ID46 passwords using Autel Maxiim KM100 IMMO keeper. Read carefully to learn how easy it can be.

How to calculate ID46 passwords with 메리트카지노 Autel KM100?

Pass: Read/Clone Creation >> Create clone >> 46 Password calculation

Put the original key in the Maxiim KM100 Keithlot.

Click “Start”.

Note: In the case of a smart key, disassemble so that the battery does not interfere with the calculation process.

Place the keyon port and transponder head near the start button.

Turn on the ignition switch.

Click “Next Step”.

It takes about 3 minutes to calculate the password …

Record a password because it can be used for simulation.

How to simulate with Autel KM100?

Next, use the password in the previous procedure to simulate the key key.

Put the work key in the KM100 Keithlot.

step 1. Enter the password

Read/Clone Creation >> Edit >> Select “Hitag2 (ID46)” IMMO Type >> Select “Crypto” >> Enter a password


The password starts with the fifth character, and the first four numbers are placed at the end.

for example,

Password: 1999C48E7AA1

Input: C48E7AA11999

Click “Read all”.

Record the information as it will be needed in the next step.

Step 2. Transponder simulation

Transponder function >> Transponder simulation >> ID46

P0: Enter the original key ID with a label called “IDE” in the last information.

P1: Enter the first four numbers from the original key password.

P2: Already retain the first four numbers in P2, then enter the first four numbers from the original password.

P3: Enter “TMCF” information.

When you’re done, click Simulation.

Now you can get on the vehicle using the KM100 kewear and turn on the engine.