U.S. stock market outlook: Is the price down price limited, corporate financial results are full -scale?

U.S. stock market outlook: Is the price down price limited, corporate financial results are full -scale?

U.S. stock market outlook: Is the price down price limited, corporate financial results are full -scale?

It is noteworthy that the company’s financial results will become full -scale after consecutive holidays. In the airline and travel -related, many optimistic views have been heard that the reservation status has a strong momentum than 2019 before the pandemic, and in the spring and summer, it is one step in reopening (economic resuming) related stocks. Recovery will support the market price. On the 18th, the deadline for 2021 tax returns will be reached. New investment in the stock market with tax returns is expected to be an additional market support factor.

In the market, there are many pessimistic views that the Fed’s rapid tightening of the Fed is inevitable. Russia and Ukraine’s ceasefire negotiations have been stalled, and the western countries have been enhancing Ukraine support at the same time, announcing additional sanctions on rolls. It is also a concern that the fierce battle may be prolonged and serious, and many investors hesitate to invest in new equity. JP Morgan’s Dimon CEO is also pessimistic about the economy. According to a public opinion poll conducted by the Economic Bureau, 28 % of the respondents said they were currently seeing them as opportunities for stock investment, which was the lowest since 2008, when statistics began. However, given that this pessimistic view is already spreading into the market, the downside is paradoxical.

According to the economic indicator, April NAHB housing market index (18th), the number of housing workers and construction permit (19th), the number of housing sales in March (20th), the number of new weekly unemployment insurance applications, April fila. The Delphia Ren Silver Economy Index, the March Economy Preliminary Index (21st), and the April Manufacturing PMI (22nd) are scheduled. With the rise in mortgage rates, housing -related indicators are expected to deteriorate all over. It is noteworthy that the housing market, which has led the economic growth under pandemic, is concerned about the future as the supply of supply is also affected in addition to the rise in interest rates. The Fed will also publish the District Bank Economic Report (Beige Book) on the 20th. This result will be an important material in the next May FOMC decision on monetary policy. In particular, if comments such as the rise in prices and difficulties in new employment are noticeable, it will be noted to further enhance the 0.5pt rising rate hike in May.

Major corporate financial results include financial Bank of America (18th), pharmaceutical companies Johnson End Johnson, video distribution Netflix, defensive Lockheed Martin, computer solution IBM (19th), electric car manufacturer. Tesla, Consumer Professional Manufacturer Proctor and Gambling, airline United, oil field service company Baker fuse (20th), investment company Blackstone, communication AT & T, casino -managed Las Vegas Sands (21st) In addition to credit card companies American Express, shoe manufacturer’s sketchers (22nd), airline United (20th), American, and Spirit (21st) are planned.

The 더존카지노 airline has a optimistic perspective, such as the possibility of a black transformation against the backdrop of the strong demand, with a strong demand, and hopes for other companies in the same industry. The New York International Automobile Show of the Automotive Exhibition will be held from 15th to 24th for the first time in three years. It seems that electric vehicles (EVs) will be the mainstream in the backdrop of global environmental regulations, which will be a hot material.

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