“Resistance to see the remaining snow gap”

“Resistance to see the remaining snow gap”

The morning rain has risen. After all I go out on the weekend so I want a blue sky …

On Sunday, 15th, a high -grand daughter of high school came to play from the day before, and with Kamiisan and 3 people.

Drive to Yatsugatake. The remaining snow remains in the streaks, but it looks like from a distance.

The size looked small. Above all, the whiteness of the remaining snow shines in the blueness of the sky due to cloudy weather

I was sorry that I wasn’t there.

When I go to Shinshu, I always think of wild vegetable tempura and soba, but on this day in Saku City.

Sushiro. The road was quite empty because it was the next week of GW, but Sushiro

It was full. I was doing something like a tuna festival in the store and TV commercial, but tuna,

It was so delicious enough for me.

In the morning when NY was closed for $ 1,000 Dow, the Tokyo Stock Exchange will have a gap based on the 크레이지슬롯 plate.

That size tends to be extremely small. Market participants are also in a series of recent mullet size

I’m a little sick. After a little gap, the usual Dow futures,

Nikkei 225 It is a market price dragged by futures. I greedy on the 19th, and of course, selling …

Losing date. What are you doing? is not it.

If the retired person reads this, the illness, stock, and baccarat are over.

you know. Find each skill that suits you before you die.

Please have a fun weekend.

Because I cleared Glen’s story and became able to use intercontinental mobile railway

If you go to Rakkalan, an entertainment island where you can buy quest items

I got a mysterious blacksmith set

(I’m grateful to be able to make alchemy and blacksmith so quickly)

Immediately make +3 and equipment

(Attack power increased by 8)

I finished my 샌즈카지노 business and search, so I thought I’d move

To the casino …

100 sheets I bought with money

W that disappeared in no time

Completely first -view play

Shibari Play not set