Anesbee’s Ladies Wallet Recommended & Popular Ranking 3 Select [2022 latest version]

Anesbee’s Ladies Wallet Recommended & Popular Ranking 3 Select [2022 latest version]

Anesbay’s ladies’ wallet has a lot of simple but cute design items. This time, based on the results obtained from surveys such as web questionnaires, we have compiled a wallet that is popular with women in a 코인카지노 ranking format. You can understand the products that are supported by many people and explain how to choose recommended, so please refer to them to find your favorite wallet.

Miu Miu Super Copy L-shaped fastener long wallet black 5m1183-B4

Brand & Miu Miu (Miu Miu) &

Product & 2022 Spring / Summer L -shaped zipper long wallet &

Part number & 5m1183 Matelasse Lux Nero &

Size & H8.5cm x W19cm x D2cm &

Color & Black &

Materials & leather (veal leather) &

Specifications & zipper opening and closing

Fastener coin purse 1

Fudari 2

Card holder 8

Insert pocket 2 &

Accessories & Card Box &


“D” Motif Card Slot X4 Patch Pocket X2 Banknotes Compartment X1 Zip Pocket X1 Size: 10 X 9 X 2.5 cm Cute Chanel Trial Fold Wallet Fake Boy Chanel A80734 [Material] Calfskin size: about 11.5cm vertical 10.5cm x width 3cm * Color: as shown in the photo (actual photography) * Level: 1 to 1 (Class N class) And the real thing is better than the photo! * Get good products with affordable value! ! 【Related article】:

It is a content that involves around and practical data.

For those who do slots, will it be a little study? I don’t know

For slots and people, I think it’s meaningless, and I can’t read it forcibly.

* Slot’s analysis information is quoted from Slomaga.

◆ Details of aimed

On this day, I did the first 온라인바둑이 day of the introduction of “Devil May Cry 5”, but I was hunt reset from the morning without going.

If I kept hitting the Hyena stand until after 16:00, I didn’t get any particular.

“Setting 2 Deny only out, I have to use it, but do you want to hit it?”

The hall is a hall that rarely uses setting 1 from the first day of the introduction. Souya Souka did all 1 rich … 😨

He was far from the hall, but he replied that he would hit it in time.

Shortly before arriving, he said, “Setting 4 denials appeared, and there seems to be 6 settings!”

Looking at the graph, hundreds of predecessors floated 😥

244G AT (Mission3) 4 denial, Defo 3 125g at (Mission1) 4 or more, Defo 3

◆ Looking back on the feeling of hitting

The first hit was heavy and the second time was heavy, so I started 110 pieces with only 10 pieces for the first time, and the investment became 20,000 in an instant because I ran through it, so I was prepared to lose completely.

However, after that, the hit is lightly given 4 or more, and the setting 5,6 is confirmed safely by matching the setting 2,4 denial!

I was able to win a big victory thanks to the last accident ✌️

I was aiming for a low setting reset, and when I compared it, I thought about where the preferential point of setting 6 was.

First of all, I wonder if the choice of one or three bodies will be given a special preferential treatment to destroy up to 7 body to put in AT.

Even if I asked the person who gave me it, I said that all of them had entered AT with one or three, so there is no doubt that this preferential treatment!

After that, it may be easy to enter the encounter battle, or to jump to Mission5 from Mission1!

That’s why the AT is lighter.

◆ Finally about blog

Currently, there are three types of series that I write regularly.

“People who were 45 pairs”

“Story of sloppy sloppy”

“I’ve heard rocks”

I will update one of these randomly on Monday, so please check it out.

* Last week was too busy due to recording and couldn’t update.

If you have more access than expected, you may update it outside Monday depending on your mood.

I would be glad if you could like and retweet on each SNS!

Then Adue 👋


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