“3rd mini bike”

“3rd mini bike”

Kobe Sports Circuit I used to use on a regular holiday yesterday! The temperature is 30 degrees humidity max! !

I entered the site at 9 o’clock, but the course started with a full material due to drizzle. I changed various parts during the rainy season, so I should check the full throttle Tsuki for the time being.

Course -in. The combination of a new librophor M32 and a long -ized driven is not bad

Half -kura is so good that you don’t need so much. After seeing the logger, the main jet may have been surprisingly#110. In this area, the engine has a good condition, but even if it is dark, I feel that it is better to be darker if it runs.

Well, do you do it?

The time is 54.6, but 53.83 is 53.83 and the 3 seconds range is in a continuous feeling even if there is a wet patch.

However, the default is that the video is not taken due to GOPRO.

Even if you contact Tajima Corporation, you answered, “Bikes have vibration, so 더존카지노 that’s the case.”

Both MAX and 10 freeze.

Lie? Is it an action camera? Is it a camera you use that?

The SD card is also recommended, and “Such Mon” is subtle.

Kobe Solo Exhibition New Series Music Edition (horizontal type)

“Nenbutsu in the dog’s ear”

YONJOO © ︎2022

Yesterday was the Edo party after a long absence with coco -chan & Juliet of TOKYOTRAVELGUIDE2020


Start from New Otani

New Otani’s pilaf is a habit!

All 3 people


Coco -chan ↓

After New Otani, go to Iidabashi

Cho It’s been a long time “Hachihachi”

During the period of staying in Edo in June, everyone did not meet everyone, so I couldn’t come once.

Yesterday I finally came

The table seats in the store are full

The shopkeeper secured the counter seat

(Young painting & Yong -no -drawing postcards are slurped at the counter

If there are more than this, it’s really annoying -lol)

coco -chan & Juliet are cream soda

Oira is caramel latte

Hachihachino is Oichi


There 메리트카지노 is no extra sweetness

Casie is authentic

There is something like a crunchy caramel nut in the vanilla ice cream, and the ice is delicious alone.

At the counter, Young painting, opening ceremony

COCO -chan is always watching the “cat” that appears in Yong.

The Yong painting (“Yongkin method”) purchased this year

Moyo who likes the high awareness of cats

This is

I’m watching yo

How is the cat in Young painting today?

Juliet is a former JAL CA

Hachihachi shopkeeper is a former JAL first class Chief Persa

My wife is Juliet’s senior

The legendary CA that JAL was a beautiful woman in the past

When traveling in Korea, there is an anecdote that a local photographer mistakenly flashed as an actress

The introduction has become longer (laughs)

Similar to the CA is the person in the picture purchased by Juliet this time.

It seems that it was a good idea to think of the seniors

When Ora drew this picture

“The face is completely different from the usual Yonjou.”

Even the gap was a puzzle piece.

in short

If the face was drawn as usual, Juliet would not have been so close.

There may have been no scenario to buy this picture

In the evening, from the Imperial Hotel to the “4 -minute walk” tequee lever

Tequila mom also bought this year’s baccarat paintings ~ Machiyo ~

(I forgot to take a picture of the bar, so I will introduce it again)

Get out of the bar and stop at a convenience store

When you arrive in the Imperial Room

It was 5 seconds before 0 o’clock

★ Kobe solo exhibition @ Sannomiya Rodin

August 28 (Sun) 1 day only

(Opening hours will be announced nearby)

★ Tomorrow (20th), I will be in the Ginza AC gallery!

I am from noon to 18:00. ️

If you come a little bit, it’s urety